1 year, 50+ posts & 1000+ Views ! Grateful & Blessed !!

What a momentous occasion it is for me that the viewership of my blog which started as an experiment for me to see if I have any writing ability, surpassed 1000 views. To say that I am thrilled that so many of you have subscribed, visited and read my posts is an understatement.

Thank you all for your time and support. Your likes and subscription showered me with one of the most joyous moments in the past year.

What brings me great happiness is that out of 27 subscribers, more than half I do not know. This validates me! I thank god for this blessing and I am grateful to you, my friends, other bloggers and subscribers, for lifting me up.

I started this blog in my quest to find my passion and purpose.

In this process of blogging, I learned that writing never tires me. In fact it rejuvenates me, engages me, inspires me and stimulates me to write more. At the same time, it also brought home to me that if I need to continue blogging, I need to find a niche for my blog.

After much brain churn, I find that leadership is a topic that interests me and also has a significant impact on the lives of others.

I believe that we all need to be leaders in order to contribute meaningfully in this life. We are all bestowed with gifts that are uniquely our own. Some of us may quickly realize these talents, hone them and assume leadership in them. For others it may take a while.

While some of us may be born leaders. Most of us acquire it. And this is where I want to step in.

Going forward, for the most part, my blog will focus on topics related to leadership and development of all aspects of leadership qualities. I aspire to cover the entire spectrum from childhood to adult hood. I will post interviews with people who I meet in my day to day life and who I consider as leaders and inspiration to others. I will also write about successful and acknowledged leaders.

Another thing I would like to do is open my blog for submissions. You can send me your poems, your writings, your recipes, your work of art or anything you would like to share with others and I will post it for free on this website.

I hope to start presenting my thoughts to you starting in September of this year. I will be taking a break for the summer since I will not be able to devote the necessary time and energy to my writing. I realize your time is precious and want to deliver to you a post that provides value to you.

I hope you will continue to visit my blog and read any of the more than 50 posts that you may have missed. Wishing you a relaxed and sun-soaked summer!!

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