Happy Birthday to Meeee

Happy Birthday to Meeee

An uncommon post, isn’t it?

Am I being pretentious? Seeking attention? Why would I put it out there that its my birthday for most people who don’t know me personally?

Well, two things:

First, this day is actually a celebration of a culmination of my parents journey to bring me in this world – what with my mother carrying me in her tummy for 9 months and my father nurturing us so that it is a happy childbirth. It really is a day of their pride and joy in bringing a new being into this world who will carry on their lineage. With my parents no more, this day gives me another opportunity to celebrate them!

Second, this is a happy day for me. In the past, I would shy away from telling people that its my birthday. But one thing that this pandemic has drilled in my mind, is that there is no guarantee of tomorrow. If we want to live our life without any regrets, we need to follow our heart – of course under the guidance of head!

They say happiness gets multiplied when shared with others – so I thought why not share my happiness with you all ?

PS: Both cakes made by my 13 year old daughter.

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