Ramayan:  About Success

Ramayan: About Success

Passion, optimism and capability are conducive to success.

To achieve success, we need to give up laziness, sorrow and even sleep.

Results will definitely be seen of an activity that is pursued relentlessly. It will be unforgivable to close our eyes to our task since that will only result in dejection.

In despondency our mind does not work. Despondency is the biggest flaw and it destroys a person.

When one gives in to despondency when they have to exhibit courage, they will be deprived of their lustre and not succeed in achieving their goals.

[Ramayan Book 4 (Book of Kishkinda), Chapter 49, Verse 5,6,8]

[Ramayan Book 4 (Book of Kishkinda), Chapter 64, Verse 11,12]

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