Ramayan:  About Friendship

Ramayan: About Friendship

Whoever expeditiously sets aside all other activities, and enthusiastically and excitedly help their friends and allies, bad things will not happen to them.

Those who do not offer timely help to their friends, or exceed the time limit in accomplishing a friend’s task, even if they put forth great effort later on, their effort does not hold much value.

A friend who is aware of timely action will not tell you of your delay even if they are in a hurry – if they are dependent on you or have confidence in you.

Time will not be considered lapsed if your friend does not prod you to accomplish the task. If they do, then understand that you have delayed.

One should help even those who have not helped us. What of helping those who have done a big favor to us.

Righteousness is violated when we do not help the one who has helped us. It could cause loss of a virtuous friend and thereby possible shortcoming in achieving our purposes. 

A friend avowed to truthfulness and virtuousness is greater than one’s aspirations.

Note: A true friendship is not just about give and take. A timely help is a primary virtue of true friendship, ingrate friends will often neglect it.

[Ramayan Book 4 (Book of Kishkinda), Chapter 29, Verse 13,14,17,20,21]

[Ramayan Book 4(Book of Kishkinda), Chapter 33, Verse 47,48]

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