Ramayan : Diminishing Lifespan

Ramayan : Diminishing Lifespan

A night that passes off does not return, like the river water which does not turn around once it has flowed into the ocean.

The passing days and nights in this world quickly reduce the life span of all living beings, similar to rays of the sun drying up water in the summer.

Whether you are mobile or immobile, your lifespan continues to lessen. So why grieve for others when it is for yourself you should be grieving for.

Death follows a man wherever he goes. When he sits, death sits with him. Even after travelling a very long distance, the man returns along with death.

People get happy with the rising and the setting of the sun, completely unaware of the lessening of their lifespan with each sunrise and sunset.

When a new season arrives, people are delighted by the changes it brings, completely unaware of the lessening of their lifespan.

[Ramayan Book 2 (Book of Ayodhya), Chapter 105, Verse 19,20,21,22,24,25]

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