A Collection of 18 Wise Quotes

A Collection of 18 Wise Quotes

Here are 18 wise words collected by me a few years ago from various sources.

1) When someone treats you as an option, help them by removing yourself from the equation. It’s that simple.

2) One who looks for a friend without faults, will have none – a Hasidic Proverb.

3) Try to think good thoughts toward others, even if others are really different than you.

4) The mouth of a wise man is in his heart, the heart of a fool is in his mouth, for what he thinketh or knoweth he uttereth.

5) Be pleasant, always civil, always obviously and sincerely glad to see people. The essence of tact is to make yourself pleasant in the company of others.

6) Don’t say it

  • if you know that you have talent and your neighbor naught but gold, or that all his goods are mortgaged if the truth were only told, don’t say it
  • if you think that you are better than your neighbor across the way, or that nature has endowed you with a more perfect form of clay, don’t say it
  • if you know some dreadful scandal, such as gossips always court, and could add a few words to it when they call for your support, don’t do it
  • let your life be true and earnest, court discretion for your friend, and though often you are tempted a word to say that would offend, don’t say it

7) Be always discreet, keep your counsel.  If you do not keep it for yourself, you cannot expect others to keep it for you.

8) Manners are small but significant ways of showing those people we come into contact with, that we recognize the importance of their needs and wishes in addition to our own.

9) Be cautious about how you speak about others so as not to start rumors or spread gossip.

10) Few things annoy people more than being made to feel small.

11) Have respect for the boundaries of those around you.  If someone declines your offer of help, don’t push it. When you do offer assistance and it is accepted, make sure that you follow through promptly.

12) Never intrude where you are not wanted, there is plenty of room elsewhere – Sir John Lubbock

13) Respect should be freely given to others, no matter their point of view or social/economic position. It should only be retracted if they purposefully do something that you believe to be unethical.

14) Never chastise an employee for what they have not done in the past. Compliment and thank them for what they have done. Also, tell them that they can do a great deal better, and that you want to help them.

15) Letting negative feelings build up inside isn’t healthy.  If you find this happening, seek out an opportunity to tell those involved in the situation how you are feeling. Whether you are upset, annoyed or enraged, unless you communicate, it is unlikely that others will pick up on what is really going on. More likely, you will simply develop a reputation as someone who is sullen or difficult. Remember, sometimes the offence is unintentional, and simply bringing it to the attention of the other person can ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

16) What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

17) Do not make enemies for yourself, you can make nothing worse.

18) Handling personal attacks:  Almost every day of your life, someone will say something to you or behave in a way that is clearly designed to offend or annoy.  How should you react?  The smart answer is: Not at all. Most comments and behavior of this type have one goal in mind, to get a reaction. Letting these small annoyances get to you simply makes you feel bad and gives power to the other person. Unless the situation escalates and the comments turn into harassment, choose to walk away and carry on with your day.

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