Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

No matter whether your mother is located close to you or far away, she always strives to guide you to the best of her abilities so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

My mother too, even though she was in India while I was here in the US, would send me news clippings summarizing what she thought would be helpful to me. Depending on which juncture I was in my life, she would find and send me appropriate magazine/newspaper articles hoping to provide me insight and guidance.

Below is one of them which I received from her when I was working full time and had 2 little kids under 2.

At that time I was so busy that I put it away thinking that I will read it when I have leisure time. Or maybe I cursorily read it saying to myself I know I know. But never really I made an effort to implement what she was conveying to me through this article. Now 14 years later, I wish that I had paid attention to it and taken care of myself at that time.

This guidance even though directed specifically towards new mothers, applies to us at all stages of our lives. Sometimes it is the physical duties we need to take time out of and sometimes it is the worry and stress about our children’s future. Even in the airplane, they advise adults to put the mask on themselves before putting it on their child. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how will we help others – especially our children who will always need their moms no matter what their age.

So here it is – from my mother Mrs. Sushila Nath (above picture) to all you mothers. Enjoy and have a fabulous mothers day.

*This news clipping – looking old and raggedy with cellophane tape – showing how much time and effort my mom spent on it to send it to me.

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