Starting my first blog: So Easy and yet So Difficult

Why is it so hard to take the first step?  How many times have I attempted to start a blog?

When I was young, I mean really young, in high school, life was so simple. I knew exactly what I wanted to be – a psychologist, a business person or a journalist.  Being a B+ blood type, I knew how to Be Positive.

Now that I am a full-time mom, I figured this is a perfect opportunity for me to bring out a writer in me.  

And with a few blogging sites available for free, I picked one. This was an easy part.

The difficult part is what to do with it. Do I have enough material to write? Will people enjoy reading my blogs? Am I really a good writer or is this opinion confined to me only? Successful bloggers supposedly have a niche. But I really don’t have a niche. I am only writing about things that I encounter in my day to day life and things that pique or stimulate me.

Right now, with my motivation high, and sitting all alone in front of my computer with my dog lounging on the sofa next to me, I am penning down my thoughts. I don’t know how long this will last, but it is a start.

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