Chugging Along

Why is it so hard to motivate myself?

I had promised myself yesterday that I will give 1 hour every weekday to work on my blog.  I have so many concerns and misgivings about starting this site. But if I don’t take the first step, how will I know whether my fears are stopping me from creating this site or it is lack of talent.

Yesterday, I took my daughter to her golf class. The coach said to her to direct her other classmates in their “Putt” ing activity.  My daughter was very pleased with this role and happy with her golf lesson, which is not always the case. Driving with her home from the class, my favourite time to give my kids lectures and life lessons, I told my daughter how proud I was of  her that the coach selected her for the leadership role, albeit for an activity only: and how people do not become great one day all of a sudden, that it takes small-small steps and that each step opens up other doors and builds on the previous one.

Then I began to wonder, how come I am not following this advice. How come I am not taking small-small steps?

Alas, it is so easy to give people advice but so difficult to apply it to yourself.

Do you have the same problem? Do you also struggle with taking your own advice?

Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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