Women’s Value: Only an economic value?

Why is it that things are never as they appear to be?

As a young girl, I was very thankful to God that I was born a woman with an enviable ability to bear children. What I did not realize at that time is that this ability came with lots of accessories such as the desire to tend to your children, the desire to tend to your home or the desire to sacrifice your lucrative career for the ability to make food for your little ones.

When my kids were born, I used to work full time in an Information Technology job which demanded a lot from me mentally and physically. When my little son would ask me to make some special sweets for him at home, I used to wish that I was not working outside the home so that I could make them for him.  I could not do so while working because I absolutely had no energy and time after working 45 hours, commuting for 90 minutes, being on call almost 24X7 and then looking after my 2 children under 4 years of age.

I quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom.  As I did that and 9 years into it, I realize that a housewife’s work has no value. A housewife facilitates the creation of economic value in the house by supporting other family members in giving their all to their work and passions. But she by herself creates no economic value.

And in this world, economic value is what makes one valuable in society. So does it mean that a housewife has no value even though she is working as hard as any other person? Why is it that women have to be “superwomen” in order to have value, where they have to have a good job and also take care of their house and family?  But then, is there really such a thing as “superwoman”? Or is it a myth where these women who appear “super” are indeed exhausted, fighting other demons and do not feel “super” at all?

What are your thoughts on this? Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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