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Sports & Leadership

Do playing sports help in your development as a leader? The answer is a resounding: YES If you are expecting yourself or your child to become a leader just by playing sports for a session or for a year, then you have misplaced expectations. Participating in sports, whether individual or team, will not give you … Continue reading Sports & Leadership

Book Review: Lean In – Women, Work and Will to Lead

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO (Chief Operating Officer ) of Facebook has presented her thoughts clearly with anecdotal evidence and well found research in her book "Lean in - Women, Work and Will to Lead", published by Alfred A Knopf publishers. A light read littered with gems on leadership, this book seems to be coming-of-age for … Continue reading Book Review: Lean In – Women, Work and Will to Lead

Be Loud: Said the Toastmaster

When one of my friend enrolled her daughter in a Karate school, I asked her if she saw any positive impact of it on her daughter. She told me that now her soft-spoken daughter can yell out "Kia", which in Korean means "energy" and is often shouted out during karate movements. My friend seemed pleased … Continue reading Be Loud: Said the Toastmaster