Morning or Night Person

Why is it that some people are neither morning people nor night people?

I think these people love sleeping too much.  ahem ahem. As you must have guessed, I am talking about myself. A friend recently asked me if I was a morning or a night person. Let me see. After 8 pm I am unable to do anything constructive. Before 6 am, I am unable to do anything constructive.

If I wake up early and am out and about doing things, then by the time, afternoon rolls around, I am too tired. I am not at my physical or mental best, which I would be if I woke up at 6 am or after.

If I push myself to do something productive after 8 pm, my body is too tired and forces my mind to shut-down and “relax”.

So what kind of a person does this make me – an in-between person? An in-between person who is productive 14 hours of the day, with some downtime in between. As I write this, I am actually getting quite impressed that I am productive 14 hours a day.  When I used to work at a full-time job, working 9 hours a day and give and take 1.5 hours of commuting, I would have counted only 9 hours as my productive day. But now that I am a full-time homemaker, I consider the time from the moment I wake up to the time I clean up after dinner, to be my productive time.

It appears that my definition of “productivity” has changed.  Could it be that working outside of home, I did not give importance to tasks around the house and  allowed myself to relax since I had done so much hard work during the day; whereas now, I consider my house activities to be paramount and do not allow myself to relax as long as work around the house needs to be done.

What is your definition of “productivity”?  Are you an “in-between” person? A morning person? A night person?

Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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