Man’s er Woman’s Best Friend

Man’s er Woman’s Best Friend

Why is it that we start loving our pets as much as we love our family members?

My daughter and son may get jealous of each other if they erroneously believe that I am showering more love on one or the other. But they are never jealous of our little dog Buddy.

We got Buddy one and a half years ago at 2 months old. Now we cannot imagine our life without Buddy. My kids need him in bed with them in order to sleep. I have often times woken up and seen Buddy occupying most of the bed and my kid huddled up in a ball in a corner.  

Buddy makes me look forward to walking since it keeps me healthy and clears my mind and most important of all, it keeps Buddy happy.  He often hangs out with my husband watching movies late at night. And mind you, he actually watches the movie!

Buddy always gets a gift or a treat when we come back from vacation.  Even Santa gives more toys to him than to anyone else in the family. Of course, that could be because last year was Buddy’s first Christmas with us.  

So…why is it that we love Buddy so much? Is it because Buddy provides us with companionship and unconditional love?  

Do you have a pet? Do you feel the same way about it? Share with me.

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