Your Curb Appeal

Why is it that houses are like people?

As I was driving home after dropping my son to his karate place, I noticed that of the 2 houses in my neighborhood that were on sale, one of them was under contract and the other one wasn’t.  Both these houses went on sale around the same time about a month ago.

Why I began to wonder. The house that went under contract had a nice curb appeal and looked good from outside. The other one looked forlorn, with not much landscaping and a washed out look.  From the inside, both these houses were good as I had seen on Trulia, then why did one sell faster, I wonder.

Could it be that people like to identify with their houses? Could it be that people like to think that they are living in a nice house, and want to be able to proudly boast to others where they live? Could it be that they want to trout out of their house with their head held high?

 Its as if their identity is tied to how the house looks from outside. Inside too, but mainly outside, for after all how many people really come inside our house.

It reminds me of a neighbor who was not very popular in the neighborhood. Her living room was bare, but her bedroom was beautiful.  

But then, who really goes to the bedroom? Who really gets to know the inner you? And aren’t all of us beautiful inside anyway?

Isn’t it the same way with people? Popular people are the ones who look good, who talk good.  Everyone wants to be associated with these people. Polished and attractive people have no trouble making friends.  And as for others, no one can see their heart of gold if there is no shine from outside.

So…..what is it that you are doing to increase your, and I mean “YOUR”, not your house’s curb appeal.

Tell me, I want to hear from you.

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