Reluctant to Connect

Why is it so hard to stay in touch with relatives even though we want to?

They say that family bonds, especially with our relatives and cousins, are so strong that even if we don’t see or talk with each other for years when we do connect, its as if we were never apart.  I believe that to be true, at least when we initially connect. But then, our day to day lives, emotions and ego take over and we do not stay as close as we thought we would.

Could it be that with closeness comes expectations, obligations, and responsibilities and sometimes we are just not ready to take them or even if we want to, are unable to take them?  

Maybe we do not want to open ourselves to relatives we have not met in years because we do not know how they will react or how they will interpret our words and our actions – a feeling which stems from not knowing them too well.  Maybe we feel that there is an additional danger that what we share with these relatives, may spread to others, who we may not be ready to share with. This then holds us back and even though we may be so happy to be back in touch with our cousins and relatives, it ends up being a formal relationship.

So……is it that when a relationship becomes formal and you have to measure your words or be careful about what you share, it becomes difficult to open up and to keep in touch?

Do you have trouble staying in touch even though you want to?

Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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