Facebook Likes

Why is it that Facebook “likes” are so liked?

I have never really been active on social media. My first foray into Facebook was because of my curiosity. Once I joined it, I did not log on for a long time. Now logging in has become more or less a part of my daily routine.

Over the years, it seemed that the Facebook friend list became a sign of a person’s popularity. This has diminished now to an extent since some people have accumulated a facebook friend list of hundreds of people. Now, one possibly cannot have hundreds of people as friends.

But these Facebook friends that we have, are they really our friends?  Often we see them on the road or at an event, we nod a greeting to them and turn away as if we do not really know them.  Sometimes we do not even acknowledge them. Sometimes we may not be in touch with them for years. But, let it be noted, we feel a tad bit of pleasure when we get a multitude of “likes” from them on our posts.

Does it mean that we may be equally happy if we got “likes” from strangers too?

What is it that makes Facebook  – powered by Facebook friends, so popular?

If you have a business interest, this might be a place to be.  But if you are like most people, who have no agenda, why are you on facebook? Could it be that by knowing about other people, we feel in social harmony? We feel connected with them and when we “like” or others “like” our posts, we feel that we have “friends” who care for us, who are happy for us or sad for us as the situation may be.

Or are these “likes” a means to rekindle the friendship or a relationship that may have been put aside due to distance, work, ego and other commitments in life.  Maybe a way to let the other person know, that even though we may not be in touch, We Still Care.

What are your thoughts on this?

Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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