Why is it so hard for some people to say “sorry”?

We all make mistakes and if we are wise and lucky enough, we recognize it. In that case, we have the option of either to not care, to say sorry, to do something to fix the mistake or to do something else to make up for the mistake that we made.

Let us say, someone you know well, perhaps a relative or a friend does something that does not make you feel good.  Then they do not do anything about it. Either they pretend that the mistake never happened, or they really do not care about your feelings.

They could say “sorry” to you and then continue as if nothing has happened.

Or they could try to fix the mistake they made as soon as they realize it. This may or may not be accompanied by “sorry”.

Or they may act as if the mistake never happened and when by your actions, you indicate that you are displeased with them, they may do something nice for you.  

When kids hurt other kids, we make them say “sorry” to the child that got hurt.  But is just saying “sorry” enough? Or is doing something to fix the mistake and not saying “sorry” enough?  Or is doing something nice for you and not acknowledging the mistake at all, enough?

In my opinion, if a mistake is made or a hurt is caused, a verbal articulation of “sorry” is mandatory, accompanied by fixing the mistake.  Do you agree?

What do you think? Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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