Why is it important to look back?

“If she looks back, it means she loves you”. How often have you heard this dialogue in the movies or with friends advising each other.

This act of looking back does not just play out in the romantic scenarios. It also plays out in our day to day life, such as when a guest walks back from your house to their car, when a child leaves home in the morning to catch the school bus or when the spouse leaves home to drive to work, to name a few.  

How good the host feels, or parent feels or the other spouse feels, as they stand at the door, when the guest, the child or the spouse looks back and waves at them!

This act of looking back brings joy to both parties and by osmosis, joy to all those around them.  Think about it. A simple act of looking back can bring so much happiness to so many people.

Sometimes we don’t look back because we are too pre-occupied with our life.  In that case, I suggest, slow down and smell the roses. Sometimes we may not be interested in this particular relationship and may even want to end it.  In that case, move on. Life will present you enough opportunities where you will want to look back.

Conventional wisdom says, move forward and do not look back. If you do not look back, you may be missing on some of the lessons that need learning.

Conventional wisdom says history repeats itself. Yes, in most cases, unless you look back and try to make changes that may prevent history from repeating itself.

Conventional wisdom also says that when making financial investments, be warned that past performance is no guarantee of future performance. In other words, look back to see how this investment has done in the past, but do not expect the same results in the future.

So Look Back.  Gather and Distribute some gems of happiness and wisdom. And then Move On.

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