Why is it that we have Rituals?

Rituals have importance for all of us. They help us connect and belong.  By following the rituals of our religion, we feel connected to our religion, by following the rituals of festivals, we feel part of the festivals, and so on.

Sometimes rituals take over our entire life.  Following them can become a full-time job. They end up not only taking up a lot of time, but they also start impacting our personality.  Anyone who does not follow the rituals that we follow becomes an outsider. They are judged and looked down upon. Or if they follow some of the rituals differently than ours, then we start negating theirs and them and putting ours up. It becomes a vehicle for us to feel superior to others.

Sometimes rituals also become a forum for socialization.  Following them as a group provides an opportunity to interact, spend time and make friendships deeper.  It gives a sense of community. We feel connected to our community and feel as if we are not alone. The benefits of this feeling cannot be overstated.

So then…where do we draw the line?  

Have you started out enjoying the rituals and then felt as if they were engulfing you?

Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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