Kate Spade: Sad News Today

Why is it that people who we think should be happiest, commit suicide?

I just heard the shocking news that Kate Spade, the famous fashion designer who started from a small handbag company to having 140 stores internationally, passed on today. She hanged herself with a scarf and left a suicide note.

I have never been a designer kind of a person and as long as things look good, I am good with them.  But right now, I feel very sad.

Kate Spade was only a few years older than me. The newspaper clip says that she took 10 years off to raise her daughter.  I too left my Information Technology job almost 10 years ago to raise my children. I feel a connection with her.

Her daughter is so young, born in 2005 per a newspaper report.  Kate had a family, a husband who partnered with her all her life, a young daughter. What was so painful in her life that she could not rise above it to think of her daughter? A 13-year-old child is too young and impressionable. How will this little girl be able to carry on with her life? A mother’s greatest wish is that her children prosper. Why would she deprive her daughter of her guiding hand and love and blessings?

But, I am an outsider, not privy to the pain that Kate must have been going through. Maybe she thought her husband could take care of her daughter just fine. Maybe she was so embroiled in her own pain that she could not think of anyone but herself.

Whatever the reason, Kate Spade, I hope you rest in peace. I hope you are happy wherever you are and I hope you keep on providing a guiding hand to your daughter from wherever you are. May God bless you and your daughter.


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