Continuing with Kate Spade

Why is it that people who may be closest to you still do not know what you are going through?

As you know, I am following the Kate Spade saga.  Did I say, I used to be a psychology major and actually wanted to become a psychologist at one time. As a matter of fact, I came to this country, the United States of America, to do a Masters in Psychology.  Having taken psychology in high school and college, I thought I would be good at it and I could help others. However, in the master’s program, I started analyzing myself and others a bit too much. Also, I realized that the power that the psychologist has on people they are counseling is great indeed and that I may not be able to guide others appropriately. So, I switched majors and went on to pursue my Masters in Business Administration.

So, coming back to Kate Spade. Today, I read a statement by her husband Andy Spade, that he used to talk to Kate every day and even had a conversation with her the night before the fateful morning and she sounded “happy”. He said she was taking medication for anxiety and depression but was doing fine.  He said he cannot imagine a life without her – having been with her for 35 years.

So what does this all tell us, that even though you may be speaking with someone every day, you may not know the extent of their despair and pain? Or is it that you do not want to acknowledge it since it may be a burden that you are not ready to bear.

Why is it that only after you lose someone to such a tragic fate as death, do you realize that you cannot live without them or you realize their goodness?

Why are we so impervious to ours and others feelings unless something drastic happens?

I am sad. Are you?

Tell me. I want to hear from you.

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